Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Joe Jonas Loves Butts

Joe Jonas may wear a purity ring, butt …

Apple Admitted Kane Kramer Invented the Technology Behind the iPod

Apple had to use Kane Kramer’s patents and drawings to defend itself in the Apple v legal case with no choice but to admit Kane Kramer is the inventor behind the iPod.
Kramer’s invention was called the IXI, invented in 1979, stored 3.5 minutes of music on to a chip and Mr. Kramer believed its capacity would improve. His sketches at the time showed a credit-card-sized player with a rectangular screen and a central menu button, very similar to the iPod. But in 1988, after a boardroom split, he was unable to renew patents and the technology became public property.
Apple flew Kramer out from the UK to California to testify on their behalf.The Apple v case has been settled confidentially out of court and Kramer is negotiating with Apple to gain some compensation from the copyright that he owns on the drawings. But so far he has received only a consultancy fee for providing his expertise in the legal case plus an iPod that last for eight months before it broke down.
Kane’s latest invention is Monicall - a system for making conversations into enforceable and legally binding agreements.
It will allow people to have phone calls recorded and emailed to the various parties as an audio file.
It will speed up business deals and provide a low-cost third-party witness to conversations and agreements.
A deal will be done on the phone and that is it – an audio file gets emailed over within 30 seconds.

Microsoft arc laser mouse!

Microsoft has yet another mouse, this time the Arc Laser Mouse, which sells for $60. The new mouse features a hinge, which allows it to be opened or closed much like a Star Trek communicator. Microsoft notes, the hinge is "strong." Judging by the design, and noting metal fatigue will occur, there will come a point when it will break.

The design seems to leave a lot to be design, and it doesn’t seem to be as ergonomic as previous mouse designs. The design is meant for travel. The USB Bluetooth antenna stores under the mouse when it needs to be packed.

It’s not as small as one of those laptop mice that was design for the hands of children, but it is small enough to be packed neatly away for travel. Plus it turns off, which makes the battery last a lot longer than 2-3 weeks of continuous usage.

It's out House S05E01

Dying Changes Everything
After Wilson threatens to resign House thinks of anything to try and keep him at the hospital, and to keep their friendship alive. Meanwhile, the team treat an executive assistant with a Class A personality who reminds Thirteen of herself.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

1st post

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